How do I fit into this world?

Teenage years can be confusing. For many it is a time of exploring "Who am I?" It’s totally normal to need support. We know how it is to feel different, unaccepted, and uncomfortable in your skin. Let us help you feel better about life and your future. We are happy to talk about whatever YOU want to talk about- the difficulties in your friendships, your crush, problems at home, or self image dilemmas. We want to be here for you and promise to be judgement free!





Finding meaning in your life's path

Life's terrain brings about many unexpected twists and jolts. We want to support you on your journey back to yourself. At Manifest, we will work alongside you as a guide to explore where your life may have veered off, what’s getting in the way, and any patterns that have created challenges for you. We will work to foster your skills and strengths that already lie within and help uncover anything that is blocking you from living your fullest life. 



walk and talk counseling


Does sitting in a room for therapy steer you away from it?

We believe that nature can be one of the most impactful healers. Upon request, we will meet you on a trail or in a park to talk, breathe, and learn to use nature as an effective tool for many of life’s troubles. Shoulder to shoulder we will walk or sit with you in the great outdoors to support your journey toward living a life with meaning, purpose, and contentment.




Have you lost the ease and flow in your relationship?

Often times- lack of communication, life change, issues with intimacy, and rupture in trust can lead us to feel lost or stale in our relationship. Allow us to help you “come home to one another” again finding tools that work for your unique relationship. Also, don't forget that couples counseling is helpful when wanting to keep the honeymoon phase in lock or for spicing things up too! We proudly serve traditional couples, non-traditional couples, and LGBTQ couples on their journey to finding their spark and moving forward together.



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Is your family at dysfunction junction?

Let us help you reorganize and develop a better flow in your relationships so that you can enjoy family dinners again. We will work with you in an interactive way to help everyone feel heard and understood. We welcome whoever you define as “family” on a journey of striving to respect, communicate, and have fun with each other. We have years of experience with families of all shapes and sizes and enjoy the process of realignment with the reward of finding love and laughter again, no matter what the presenting problem may be.