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Adult Therapy Services in Portland, ME

Life's terrain brings about many unexpected twists and jolts. We want to support you on your journey back to yourself. Don’t be afraid, it’s actually incredibly rewarding to ask ourselves some of life’s most challenging questions- What do I want out of life? Why do I keep ending up in the same situations? What is the meaning of life? How can I find happiness?

We work to provide a space free of judgement or labels, encouraging you to create your own goals and to decide how therapy can be most helpful to you. Perhaps you aren’t sure about either of these things- which is also completely normal! Sometimes we lose ourselves in life and have an opportunity to redefine our identity. We will be happy to guide you through this process.

At Manifest Maine, we will work alongside you as a guide to explore where your life may have veered off, what’s getting in the way, and any patterns that have created challenges for you. With a strong mind-body approach, we look at how your lifestyle, movement, relationships and indulgences effect your mental health through our assessment process. We will work to foster your skills and strengths that already lie within and help uncover anything that is blocking you from living your fullest life.

If you feel Manifest Maine may be a good fit for you, call today for a free phone consultation (207) 480-3491.

Here are some issues we love supporting our clients through:

●  Anxiety

●   Depression

●  Feelings of Sadness

● Feeling Lost

● Grief

● Relationship Issues

●   Social Anxiety

● Obsessive Thinking

● Life Change Issues

● Problems with Motivation

● Substance Use and Abuse

●   Identity Exploration

● Fear

● Big Life Decisions

●  Social Pressures

● Body Image Issues

● Low Self Esteem

● Family Problems

●  Moodiness and Irritability

●  Feeling Alone

●  Anger Issues

● Stress Management

●  Feeling Overwhelmed 


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