COUPLES Counseling


Couples Therapy in Portland, ME

Let’s face it, time changes us all- but it doesn’t need to make us grow apart. Relationships do not need to be hard. Let us help you get the ease, fun, and flow back into your love life. Often times- lack of communication, life change, issues with intimacy, having children, and rupture in trust can lead us to feel lost or stale with our partner.

One of the biggest myths is that couples counseling is for failing relationships. Seeking therapy for a relationship brings the opportunity to strengthen your bond beyond what you thought was possible. By exploring each other’s minds, emotions, experiences, and expectations- your vulnerability will bring intimacy to a whole new level.

At Manifest Maine, your therapist will create a unique plan for your unique relationship. The work begins by meeting with you and your partner in an initial session together to discuss therapy expectations. This is followed by an individual assessment with each partner to collect lifestyle, family, and past relationship information. You will then come back together as a couple to discuss the relationship’s cycles, strengths, deficits, and to create a plan for growth and connection.

Marriage and couples counseling is not a linear process and naturally changes as the couple grows together. Relationship goals, therapy plans, and how to move forward is determined by the couple. The therapists role is to provide unbiased support for relationship growth, clearer communication, and deeper understanding.

We recognize that relationships are not one size fits all! We proudly support traditional couples, non-traditional couples, married relationships, unmarried relationships, and LGBTQ couples on their journey to finding their spark and moving forward together.

If you feel you may benefit from our support, call today for a free phone consultation (207) 480-3491 The following are struggles that we commonly support in couples counseling:

● Poor Communication

● Feeling Misunderstood by Each Other

● Loss of Connection

●  Trust Issues

●  Difference in Values

●  Loss of Romance

●  Dull / No Sex Life

● Arguing

● Family Issues

●  Feeling Alone

●  Stress with Children

●  Life Changes

● Stress Management

●  Co-Dependency

●  Boundary Setting

●  Lack of Intimacy

● Substance Use and Abuse



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