FAMILy therapy


Family Therapy Services in Portland, ME

Let us help you reorganize and develop a better flow in your relationships so that you can enjoy family dinners again. We welcome whoever you define as “family” on a journey of striving to respect, communicate, and have fun with each other. We enjoy working with both biological and chosen families through the process of realignment to find love and laughter again, no matter what the presenting problem may be.

Families go through huge changes over a lifetime and it can be difficult to remain united through it all. Your therapist will work with all of you in an interactive way to involve all participants. Family therapy begins with an initial meeting with all members to discuss therapy expectations. This will be followed by a family assessment with the therapist strongly advocating for each member to be heard and understood.

The structure and connection of a family can often be compromised when there is loss of a loved one, divorce, marriage, loss of trust, life transitions, or when children come of age. Manifest Maine will support your family by building deeper understanding and teaching skills to grow together instead of apart.

If you feel your family may benefit from therapy, call today for a free phone consultation (207) 480-3491 The following are some issues families attending therapy may be facing:

● Poor Communication

● Feeling Misunderstood by Each Other

● Grieving / Loss of a Loved One

●  Trust Issues

● Divorce

● Blending Families

● Cultural Differences

● Substance Use and Abuse

● Rejoining with Family as Adult

●  Life Changes

●  Difference in Parenting

● Arguing

● Difference in Values

●  Parents / Children Arguing

● No Structure in Household

●  Boundary Setting


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