walk and talk counseling


Walk and Talk Counseling in Portland, ME

We believe that the great outdoors can be one of the most impactful healers. There are many reasons to seek out walk and talk therapy. Maybe you want to get your movement and therapy in at the same time- maybe sitting in an office feels too personal to you- perhaps you want to get as much fresh air as as possible in your life… Whatever the reason, we want to support you and your desire to be outside!

Our office is nestled in the beautiful Woodfords-Oakdale neighborhoods (right next to the University of Southern Maine’s Portland campus) providing beautiful sidewalks to utilize for strolling. Meet us at the office, grab a water bottle, and we can go from there!

While it can be as simple as feeling more comfortable shoulder to shoulder when talking about your dilemmas, walk and talk therapy can also be a great way to practice mindfulness as a coping skill. Meditation in movement is effective in working through anxiety and obsessive thinking as it teaches you to tune out of your thoughts and into the world around you. One step at a time we will walk with you on your journey toward living a life with meaning, purpose, and contentment.

If you are interested in this service, call today for a free phone consultation to learn more (207) 480-3491

If you are struggling with any of the following issues, walk and talk therapy could be a good fit for you:

●  Generalized Anxiety

●   Depression

●  Feelings of Sadness

●   Social Anxiety

● Obsessive Thinking

● Life Change Issues

●. Substance Use and Abuse

● Problems with Motivation

●  Identity Exploration

● Life Decisions

●  Social Pressures

● Relationship Worries

●  Moodiness and Irritability

●  Feeling Alone

●  Anger Issues

● Stress Management

●  Feeling Overwhelmed

**Occasional office therapy may be necessary due to weather or issues of focus. Confidentiality risks may apply.


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