Counseling for TEENAGERS


Teen Counseling Services in Portland, ME

Teenage years can be confusing. For many, it is a time of exploring “Who am I?”. We know how it is to feel different, unaccepted, and uncomfortable in your skin. We have found that many teenagers feel misunderstood by adults in their life, and need a safe space to be heard and validated. It is such an honor to offer that space and be a part of your journey.

Feelings of anxiety and depression are common amongst adolescents and can look different from one person to the next. We have found that in order to feel the benefits of therapy, it is our job to provide a nurturing space for you to be yourself. We will work really hard to come to understand your unique circumstances and we will always maintain hope for you in your work and growth as an individual.

We support teens with a vast array of challenges. Below, we have listed some reasons a teenager may come in to meet with us. We hope that if something on this list resonates with you, you will give us a call to see how we can be helpful to you on your journey (207) 480-3491

●  Bullying

●  Generalized Anxiety

●   Depression

●  Feelings of Sadness

●   Social Anxiety

● Family Issues

● Problems at School

● Body Image Struggles

●  Identity

●  Social Pressures

● Relationship Worries

●  Moodiness and Irritability

●  Feeling Alone

●  Anger Issues

● Stress Management

●  Communication

●  Boundary Setting

●  Finding Balance 


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