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In order to give support, we need to get support.

Supporting individuals with mental health and substance use challenges can be both rewarding and taxing on the mind, body, spirit, soul. Clinical Supervision is of utmost importance to provide best care to ourselves and the folks we work with. Whitney Adams, LCSW, LADC, CCS offers Clinical Supervision to other mental health and addictions professionals in the field. Whether you are conditionally licensed, fully licensed, or maintain dual licenses, Whitney is here to help. You may obtain supervision at the comfort of her office or the convenience of your own. Whitney is relational in her approach and finds that by tending to the supervisee/supervisor relationship, counselors are better able to create and maintain strong therapeutic relationships with those they are working with.

Call or e-mail Whitney directly to learn more and assess whether this would be a good fit.

207-480-3491 ext. 2, or